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Welcome to the 2017 Parade Of Homes

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  • The College Home 2017

    CHBA Program In Support of the Lethbridge College Trade & Technology Expansion
    The Lethbridge College Home – Building Futures Together

    Parade of Homes

    The CHBA – LR has made a pledge to the Lethbridge College to build 10 homes over 5 years with the proceeds of each sale going towards the Lethbridge College Trade & Technology Expansion project. This partnership came to life from an industry idea to enhance the City we live in and increase the capability of young people in the trades to be able to learn and train close to home.

    The objective of this project is to raise $750,000 over 5 years through building and selling 10 designer show homes. The members of the CHBA have pledged to donate time and resources to the project and all proceeds above costs will be donated to the Lethbridge Trades & Technology expansion project.

    The members of the CHBA have initiated this program and believe in supporting the Lethbridge College in efforts to improve current programming and encourage students to choose Lethbridge by creating more learning opportunities right here at home.

    Be sure to come and visit the College Home built by Stranville Living Master Builder! The home will be available to view and purchase during the 2017 CHBA Parade of Homes! See the show map for directions to the homes.



    Welcome to another successful year of the Parade of Homes!

    President - Angela CornforthDespite challenging economic conditions, the Lethbridge Parade of Homes is still an event that the Canadian Home Builders’ Association looks forward to every year. What began as a humble parade featuring a handful of homes on a single street in the 1960’s, has grown substantially to the incredible show that stretches from corner to corner to corner of Lethbridge and its surrounding communities. Even though the Parade of Homes is considered to be something of a staple here in Lethbridge, it isn’t as common in most other Canadian Cities. Recently, the notion has been catching on and you can now find a Parade of Homes popping up in other areas. That just shows how forward-thinking Lethbridge was over 50 years ago and how innovative we continue to be with our styles, design and safety practices.

    Another pretty spectacular event happening this year is the fifth and final year of The College Home Project. If you have been touring the Parade over the past 4 years, you have likely seen the previous College Homes and understand how this unique project is encouraging and helping solidify the success of skilled trades in the future. CHBA members are creating several stunning homes over 5 years, with proceeds going directly to the new Trades Training Facility at Lethbridge College, which opens in September this year! This is a one of a kind donation program that has a very powerful impact. A program like this brings awareness around how important it is to have a well-built home and that it is not as simple as throwing a hammer around. Building technology has evolved rapidly over the last several decades, and builders of today’s homes require a high level of skill, intellect and intense training. CHBA members are doing their part and giving back to an industry that has provided for their families for decades. I couldn’t be happier to present the College Home Year Five Builder: Stranville Living! Be sure to check out this home, located in Garry Station West, along your way.

    As a supplier member of the CHBA, I appreciate how much goes into the planning and creation of these remarkable homes. Everyone who works on a show home knows that it will be on display for thousands of people to see and so they put in that extra special touch they can call their own. From design to wood work to decorating, every aspect is checked and rechecked to ensure perfection. It’s been said time and time again but is worth repeating: members of the CHBA are creating more than just houses. We are creating amazing spaces for people to raise their families in, fulfill their dreams and live their lives in. We are creating more than houses; we are creating communities.

    Please enjoy your time with us this year, we hope you like what you see!

    Angela Cornforth

    CHBA Lethbridge Region President